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6108706 Japanese Hanging Scroll / Hand Painted / Fish

6108706 Japanese Hanging Scroll / Hand Painted / Fish

6108706 Japanese Hanging Scroll / Hand Painted / Fish
6108706: JAPANESE HANGING SCROLL / HAND PAINTED / FISH. [DESCRIPTION] Stains/crease marks/torn parts, but otherwise in good condition. Note: fragile The box is for storage purposes only. Please disregard any potter/kiln names inscribed on the box; they are unrelated to the item.

Items come with everything pictured e. Please read through our store policy pages before ordering. Our store primarily sells vintage & antique wares.

Please understand that age affects both item condition and value as a collectible. Information related to condition is recorded and/or photographed during item inspection. [BASE COLOR] [MATERIAL] PAPER [CONDITION] Good Colors in images between the item list and the detail page may appear differently following the light condition.

Please be sure to read and accept our store policies below, and all available information related to the item itself. If you prefer EMS, please let us know in advance. Weight and size limits vary by country, so some exceptions to this process may apply. These cannot be turned off. We reserve the right to manually open unpaid cases at any time after the 7-day period above.

COLORS Please use the color stated in the description as a first point of reference. Photos are mainly for illustrative purposes, so colors may vary slightly from the actual item.

CONDITION Please refer to both the description and the photos in the listing to find out about condition. We take into account the age of each item when assigning a condition tag. Many vintage and antique items will, by nature, not be in pristine (factory) condition.

However, for the vast majority of our buyers, this adds to the flavor and story of the piece. Please contact your local post office if your items are taking longer than imagined to reach you. However, as each situation is different, feel free to get in touch with us if something arises.

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6108706 Japanese Hanging Scroll / Hand Painted / Fish