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Kurikara Fudo w crystal and sword (Brown) Japanese Bronze Statue w Panel & Box

Kurikara Fudo w crystal and sword (Brown) Japanese Bronze Statue w Panel & Box

Kurikara Fudo w crystal and sword (Brown) Japanese Bronze Statue w Panel & Box
This product is 100% Japanese Original New and. You can receive the item about in 2-5 days worldwide.

This item is made hand so it may have a little difference in color and drape. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. This is a brand new arts and crafts item that was carefully created by a traditional Japanese artist. This is not an antique product. 100% made and crafted in Japan.

It is not a one of a kind only production. Kurikara Fudo (Kurikara Dragon King) is believed to be incarnation of Acala. "Kurikara" means Dragon in Sanskrit (Indian Sanskrit). The dragon is entangled with a double-edged sword (Kurikara sword) and is about to swallow the sword. The double-edged sword (Kurikara sword) is believed to be the sword of wisdom that can break the worldly passions (three human desires that poison the heart of man, greed, hatred and delusion). It is said to bring fortune, victory and profits, and divide evil.

In the Chinese astrological zodiac, Kurikara Fudo is the Main Image for those born in the Year of the Rooster, who brings good luck and works as a protective charm which fulfills your dreams. 400 years of skill and sole, it breathes life into copper. Located on the Japan Sea side, Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture.

The origin of Takaoka Copperware dates back to about 400 years ago. Takaoka Copperware was evolved and developed under the generous patronage of the Kaga Clan. The casting of Buddhist alter fittings become very popular by the mid-Edo period (1603 to 1868) and were exhibited in the world expositions from Meiji (1868 to 1912) to early Showa period. In 1975, Takaoka Copperware has received the first traditional crafts producer of Japan as a major producer of copper casting and its tradition, skills and history have been passed down until today. Prototype Production The prototype artist creates a prototype with clay.

Then, it was transferred to plaster for casting to create a plaster prototype. Casting After dissolving copper in a crucible, it is poured into a mold. Once becoming a solidified alloy, the mold is disjointed. Finishing and polishing Using a copper file and a graver, an artist carefully shapes and finishes by hand to reproduce the original.

Coloring Coloring serves as a corrosion prevention and makeup. There are some traditional colorings and techniques such as "Ohaguro (tooth blacking)", "Ibushi (smoke)" and "Sei-do-iro (bronze)" 5. Finishing Depending on the design, chasing and/or inlaid on the surface may be applied. Materials: Bronze (Wax casting bronze). Size: Height34 Width14 Length7 cm (H13.39 W5.51 L2.76 inc).

Weight: about 2.5 kg (5.51 lbs). Panels: Comes with painted panels. Box: Comes in a heavy paper box. Casting Production: Japan (Takaoka-City, Toyama Prefecture).

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Kurikara Fudo w crystal and sword (Brown) Japanese Bronze Statue w Panel & Box